From a simple cleaning to major debris haul offs, learn how PropertyWorks can help.

Why Should You call PropertyWorks?

Mowing and Edging

- Tree and Hedge Trimming

- Tree Removal
- Landscaping

- Raking and Bagging Leaves
- Painting (Interior and Exterior)

- Touch Up Painting
- Haul Off / Trash Out
- Construction Site Clean Up
- Cleaning (Vacant or Commercial Properties Only)
- Minor Repairs

  •    Replace ceiling fan or light fixture
  •    Lock Replacement
  •    Replace Light Bulbs
  •    Replace outlet or light switch
  •    Toilet repair (flapper, flush assembly)

- Scheduled Maintenance Checks

  • Check / replace air filter
  • Check smoke detectors

PropertyWorks is designed so that you don’t have to call a lawn company to have the yard mowed, another call to another company to have the trees trimmed, then another call to have the house cleaned, then another call to a painter to have some painting done, and yet another call to yet another company to have items hauled off. At PropertyWorks one call does it all. This saves you time and the frustration of dealing with numerous companies and invoices.

As well we are fully insured and have years of experience.


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Cleaning & Haul Offs

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Curtis Rothe - Owner of PropertyWorks

PropertyWorks is a property make-ready company that specializes in getting your property ready to sell or rent. With our 5 key services; lawn care, tree trimming, painting, haul offs and cleaning, PropertyWorks is the one-stop shop for your property.


Healthy well-pruned trees and hedges add to a property's appearance and value.

After years of wear and tear a quality paint job will greatly improve the appearance and character of your house

Our Services:

(254) 230-8833

Lawn Care

We simply love Waco and are blessed to be a part of what God is doing in this amazing city. It is my goal to serve the real estate agents, property managers, individuals, and other businesses of Waco with affordable and quality services. It is my heart to always operate with integrity and a moral foundation that stands out above the rest.

Proudly serving Waco and the surrounding areas

Quality mowing at affordable prices. Most yards start at $35.

Our Mission